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Hues is puzzle card game inspired by Threes and 2048. By merging cards of the same color (hue), you earn points and unlock more hues! The objective is simple: To score as much as you can by merging more and more cards, called as “Hues”. As you unlock higher ranked “Hues”, the game adapts to that! It’s a colorful experience!Hues is our take on this new age of puzzle card merging games, enhanced with power ups and different gameplay modes. Each card combining mode offers a unique style of combinationall hue matching play!

What's New

- Improved overall game quality
- Improved readability for leaderboards
- Pressing "back" hardware button at game over screen will now directly let you play again
- Added background image to 'reset' confirmation screen labels
- Fixed bug on pressing 'back' button after game over
- Fixed bug on pressing 'play again' from game over
- Minor adjustments

If you enjoyed Threes , the character card joining game or 2048, the number card matching game, you will definitely enjoy our take on this amazing new genre of 4×4 colored card merging fun!

★ Intuitive swipe to slide / move input (Also QWERTY input for the keyboard devices, Gamepad controller also supported)
★ 3 game modes: Timed Mode, Moves Mode, and Endless mode.
★ Power-ups – Increase time, increase moves, level up your “Hues”, Double score!
★ Adaptive GUI! Watch the UI change as you unlock more “Hues”!
★ View hilarious Hue character descriptions and details in The ‘Clan’
★ Leaderboards System (A seperate leaderboard for each Mode in Hues) and Global Multiplatform Leaderboards
★ Share Screenshots on social Twitter and Facebook. Let your friends know what Hue you have unlocked, and your card matching high score!
★ Share scores with your friends on any messaging application of your choice!
★ Coin Shop – now with Score Multiplier! Buy Powerups and Effects from the shop in return for Hue coins earned ingame and also available for purchase!
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