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"Impossible!" is a hard game. A very hard game.
Probably one of the hardest games ever made. It's basically quite simple, but sooner or later, you'll scream: "This f**king game is impossible!"*

- Fast gameplay with just one control: Tapping the screen to jump (but any mistake will result in instant death and a respawn at the beginning of the level)
- Really challenging: Easy to understand, but hard to master
- Online leaderboards, challenge your friends and all other players worldwide!
- 10 levels and endless mode for pure insanity
- Awesome soundtrack made by Kanchi
- Supports both English and German (can be changed in the menu)
- Cloud backup of your savegame (so in case you get a new device you won't have to play all levels again)
- It's addicting!

We're concerned about reviews complaining about the game being to hard. To point that out once again: THIS GAME IS VERY HARD! Please do not complain about that. We warned you!

*Please do not throw your phone against the wall as shown in the app icon.
Throwing your phone against the wall may harm you phone or the wall - your phone might not like that (of course, neither the wall does) and could fall into a rage (same applies for other items and persons).
Plase note, we warned you and refuse to be held responsible for that! Stop playing, when you're getting aggressive ;-)

For your information: All levels are solvable (some poor guys in our studio tested each level). They're incredibly hard, but not really impossible. You can skip levels in the pause menu in case you're not able to pass them.
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