Kitty Dress Up: Cool Cat Games for Kids

Kitty Dress Up: Cool Cat Games for Kids
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Hello! You’ve just entered the world of cat games. Your host is Kitty Dress up game. Boys and girls make your kitty cat the most beautiful one in the pet world and enjoy your stay.

Do you like animal games? Would you be glad to have a cat for a daycare? This is one of the most interesting pet dress up games, because you can dress the cat in thousands and thousands combinations of cat clothes and accessories. Kitty Dress up is a perfect game for kids and adults who want to have fun for hours.
If you are looking for free educational games for kids this is one fun game for you.

Make the cat Purrfect!

Do the complete makeover! Turn your kitten from an ordinary cat to a glamorous one and make it look like she came out of the pet salon. Find the best cat costumes for her and match them with adequate cat accessories.

Find the background scene you like and place your cute cat in her room, in the birthday party, or in the fair. Cats like to climb up a lot, so put her on a tree or on a rooftop and let her enjoy.

Make the cat pet pretty by changing the color of her fur, putting on different fashionable clothes and add different cat accessories, such as necklaces, earrings or glasses. Find the right hat for her that will be appropriate for different occasions.

Cats like to play, so find the item they need for their cat games. Choose among balloons, balls or different cat toys and presents for birthday parties.

How to play?

- Download the game
- Turn on or off the music in the game
- Press “PLAY” to start the game
- Choose the button with a piece of clothing
- Click on the button until you find perfect item
- Click on shuffle button to make a random combination
- When you are finished click the button “✓”

If you are satisfied with the image of a kitty you have made by using this pet dress up game, you can share it on Facebook, save it to gallery, set as contact image or set as wallpaper.

Say hello to your new kitty! Enjoy the play!
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