Music Quiz

Music Quiz
for Windows Phone

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You know your music right? You know it through the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s & 2000s right? Play Music Quiz and challenge yourself. Each round is 5 random questions.
You have 10 minutes and nothing to do – this game has you covered.

Earn coins through selecting the name of the singer, the name of the song or the year it was released. We know the year is a bit tough so we give your more points for it – play away.

Use coins to “Cheat” and get an answers and maybe remember and use that answer if the question comes up again – if so you earn your coins back.

Share your score with your friends using Facebook, Twitter, Email or SMS with built in sharing.

Ability to buy more point to unlock level by rating the app – one app rating is enough points to unlock a level – good in exchange for 5 stars or whatever you think is fair – but 5 is always good.

• Multiple rounds per level
• Earn coins to unlock more levels
• Multi-level game – you pick the level you want to open
• Ability to use coins for “cheats”
• Gather more coins by rating the game or downloading apps
• Facebook/Twitter/Email/SMS sharing
• All time game score record and Leaderboard
• NFC – tap two WP8 together to open or share the app

Oh and it free – now that is a good deal.
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