New Stick Hero

New Stick Hero
for Windows Phone

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The game play is very simple, game player control task would have been the right way forward, and there will be a lot of traps, through the trap method is through their own hands stick by stick, get through the trap, every trap can get a game, no time limit, game player can slowly thinking how but does not take into account the time problem through the trap.

Game operation

The operation of the game is very simple, click on the screen and loosen the screen, click on the screen in the game when standing behind the figures of the place will stretch out a stick, if you click on the screen and not let go of the stick will have variable length, when the release the finger stick will stop, and then stick to the right to dump, the game character can depend on this stick by trap. But a stick only variable length but not shorter, so the need for game player control the length of good stick.

1, the game sticks can only become long and cannot become shorter, so the game player need to pay attention to this point, note that the stick length to click on the screen, in a timely manner to let go or it will cause the stick too long task of death.

Game need to pay attention to the local

2, stick length in the let go can not be changed after, so if the stick length too short, game player to in the process of moving the stick method of variable length is not feasible.

3, stick in the game length is appropriate is very important, if the stick too short game characters will fall into the trap, if the stick too long game characters will also fall into the trap, so good control of the length is whether you can play the game the most important skill.

The game of skill

Method 1: this game is the most important is to learn visual, then the clouds can be used as a reference to help provide, game player can approximate the gestures to trap width radius circle, and platform for location of cloud 90 degrees, then the stick length exhibitors cloud height can be.

2: stick length is the length of the best trap width plus half of such high-profile, stick can exceed the trap width, won't appear too short, but can be very good on the land, also won't appear too long situation.
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