One for All Solitaires for Series 60

One for All Solitaires for Series 60
for S60

€ 3.63
One for All Solitaires – is a unique collection of solitaire games for Nokia 6600. More than 200 different solitaires are gathered in a single game. You get a great opportunity to play all your favorite solitaries, new versions of the most popular solitaires, and a lot of absolutely new solitaires.

You will unveil a new potential of your Nokia 3230, Nokia 6600, Nokia 7610 phone. You will not be bored while visiting a doctor or waiting for a meeting. Time at an airport and traffic jams will no longer be annoying. You can benefit from waiting time and spend it with pleasure. Playing solitaires you can train your memory, attentiveness and intelligence. You will be pleasantly surprised by instinctively handy control.

Playing One for All Solitaires software for Nokia 3230, Nokia 6600, Nokia 7610 you can:

Choose from more than 200 solitaires, including your favorite ones: Klondike, FreeCell, Golf, Canfield, Spider, and many others.
Customize a game style: set up a background, a card back and an animation speed.
View Rules and Demos of playing for each solitaire.
Create a list of your Favorite solitaires for a quick access.
Unlimited Undo and Redo moves feature.
Make a bookmark on a current cards position to be able to return to it in the future.
View Statistics of a current game.
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