Puzzle Run SEA

Puzzle Run SEA
for Android

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Puzzle Run is here, let’s run together!
Get ready and join the animals in their epic run for bubble popping fun!Switch and match your animals to run longer and faster in this hybrid running puzzle. Play the one and only running puzzle with your friends to see who can get the highest score! Download now for free to discover a colorful running experience!

What's New

- Minor bug fixes

• How to play: Form a team of 5 animals with unique abilities and start running! Be careful not to run into the same animal while running or that animal will be eliminated!

• Features:
1) Characters: Each animal has its own unique skill like flying, sprinting, freezing time and increasing your combo, which can each only be used a limited amount of time, so be sure to use them wisely to help you get that high score!

2) Costumes: Dress up your animals in different costumes which provide different abilities to improve your score.

3) Combo and Fever: Achieve 20 combos and Fever will be activated! Fever allows you to obtain higher score and more coins!

4) Game mode: There are 2 levels of difficulty in the game: Slow and Fast. Practice on Slow mode before moving on to Fast mode to challenge yourself and obtain a higher score!

5) Leaderboard: Login with Facebook and challenge your friends in the weekly ranking for fun and more Coins!

6) Lucky Draw System: Obtain special costumes and booster items in the Lucky Draw!

7) Daily Missions: Complete challenging daily missions to earn coins to be used in the shop or the lucky draw.
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