Roundy Jump

Roundy Jump
for Windows Phone

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is a casual mini-game featuring adorable graphics and joyful music. Simple in control, but very exciting in gameplay! We are sure that you will love this lovely cute game. What are you waiting for? Come join us right away!
How to Play:
Let the Roundy continue to jump to gain score. You can choose to jump one bubble or jump two bubbles depending on varying situations in order to successfully complete the level. Jumping on an angel bubble will bring you bonus, jumping on a wing bubble will fly the Roundy to the sky to get lots of scores, but jumping on a devil bubble will create MISS. By continuously jumping on, you can charge the FEVER bar and your Roundy will enter into a FEVER mode when the bar is fully charged. However, be careful about stepping on devil bubble or even falling down since the FEVER bar will reset if you let your Roundy do so. Rather go slowly and do not create MISS. Continue to jump on to achieve ever higher score.
1.Optimize the game feel
2.fix some bug
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