Santa Hill Climb Jumping

Santa Hill Climb Jumping
for Windows Phone

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Merry christmas! Merry Chrismas 2014

Jumping Hill Climb is came back with Santa Clause to give you pleasure of Christmas.

Try to get maximum Gifts in this Christmas 2014.
Most amazing feature of this game is you can jump the Santa car/bike over
any obstacle which makes this game more interesting and different from other physics based racing game.

Take the ultimate challenge, play Santa Hill Climb Jumping game and see if you can handle all the roughness and the unpredictable obstacles coming in your way.

An addictive and entertaining physics based driving game. Collect coins to
unlock the cars and the christmas backgrounds. If you collide with any obstacle, the car engine will be damaged and you have to take repair tools to regain the power.

Are you ready to test all your skills with Santa Clause and to prove that you are the best off road racer in the world. Then start playing this action filled game right away!

Game Features:
- Awesome Christmas Backgrounds.
- Christmas Background Music
- Christmas Background Music
- Different vehicles to race with.
- Real off road racing game.
- Control the car to climb hills with realistic controls.
- Simple and smooth controls.
- Cool graphics.
- Extraordinary addictive game play.
- Amazing and exciting levels to play.
- Global leader board with flags.

Performance Enhanced
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