Shoot Em All - Free

Shoot Em All - Free
for Windows Phone

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Your Partner has been taken hostage by scum! Not only are they scum but they are well armed scum!
You know the bad guys won’t give up their prize, not without money, lots of money. You don’t have a cent but you do have Guns, lots and lots of guns.

They know it, you know it, find them and put them to sleep!
Hurry up or get a Grenade Thrown at you.

The ultimate in Urban Combat, set in 5 distinct scenes. Realistic views and real gun sounds, you’ll love it!

You’ll get 20 chances (you can always save in the middle of the game) to get to the end!

Good Hunting…

and Shoot ‘Em All!

I’m also planning to donate, at least half, of what this game makes to Cancer Research as we need a solution to that one as soon as possible. So, to that effect, the game comes in 2 flavours, the FREE ones, ads show up from time to time, and the PAID for version which is set at the lowest possible revenues setting.

The First Three scenes gives you the training to take on guns, rifles, grenades and RPG, the last two scenes are for fun!

This is my first, more, advanced Retro Shooter Game. I’ve used a Nokia 1020 Mobile Phone for each of the bad guys video clips, and thanks all in my Poker Club to let me use you guys as bad guys, and thanks Kristian for the cool background graphics. Have to put a shout out to Dale as well for the intro music.

To keep to the Retro vibe I’ve deliberately reduced the frame rate on the bad guys to 5 FPS, I could up this to 33 but then it would be too smooth, I want it looking and feeling as retro as I can here and at the same time use great graphics, I think this works. Besides if it’s to smooth the bad guys look way to realistic and that’s not what I have aimed for here.

I hope you all enjoy this one as Im in full swing making another cool game under the Planet Saturn name.
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