Solar Rush: PacMan in Space

Solar Rush: PacMan in Space
for Android

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Fast reflexes and strong nerves are needed as you dash about collecting Solar Cells to power your ship. With the Fire Birds constantly on your tail, can you advance through the challenging levels?

What's New:

- Tweaks

Collect the Solar Cells on the grid while avoiding the fury of the Fire Birds all sides. Boost your speed with Power collected. Complete the screen to advance to the next level. Use of retro arcade graphic style to provide a nostalgic look.

Combining game play elements of Pacman and Space invaders.

How to Play
Tap the direction and the ship will continue in that direction until you tap another direction.
Any cells in the path of the ship are added to you Power rating for boosting (green button)
Avoid getting hit by the shots from the sides! ENJOY!

Over 30 levels to test any Gamer’s reflexes

Customer Review:
Great game Lots of nice retro arcade gameplay goodness to be had here. Easily recommend!

Inspired by the retro zx spectrum titles like Transversion and 2600 title Solar Fox


- Easy to play, Hard to master
- “One more go” retro game play feeling
- Fast action arcade experience
- Effective retro graphics
- 30+ Levels
- Thumping original arcade soundtrack
- Platforms on later levels
- Use speed boost to collect faster
- Single touch directional pad – press once to start ship in any direction
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