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Get yourself a new exciting puzzle experience!

This game will take you far out in space to a deserted planet called T-KARA. On T-KARA you’ll find an ancient stone grid where two different games can be played.

* SCORE-ATTACK - A fun, thrilling and somewhat tricky challenge! The goal is to make lines of at least 4 boxes of one color in order to get a match. By moving the entire rows horizontally or vertically this game will stimulate your mind in a different way than usual. As you reach higher levels, obstacles such as locks or pattern boxes will appear. Some of these obstacles might be a bit tricky to get rid of but in order to survive - you’re gonna have to!
Score attack comes in three varieties: Time Attack, Limited Moves and Direct Hit. Each variety has its own rules. Try them all to find out which one suits you the best!

* PUZZLE - A more comfortable challenge.
In the puzzle game you’ll find multiple picture puzzles with different levels of difficulty. Simply move the boxes around to get them in the right position. Try to create the right pattern by using as few moves as possible.
The horizontally and vertically way to move will surely add some extra spice to the task.

Whenever you leave the game you’ll be able to return and find it exactly as it were when you left it.
This makes it a perfect game to play on the bus, train or any place you might get interrupted! Good Luck!

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