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I would like to tell a strange story which occurred to me last summer. It was a usual warm evening and there was a smell of ions, which presaged a storm, in the air. People were in hurry on their way home. It was that evening when little Zed with his friends - lightning balls had decided to go for a walk on the streets of an empty town. They were jumping round the squares and parks making cheerful noises, that seemed real explosions for the last pedestrians, and were frightening flocks of crows, pigeons and other birds. They were riding on the tops of the cars and trolleybuses, glided on the power lines, and some of them, who were extremely curious, even risked to steer in the windows of the local citizens, which mostly didn’t suspect the existence of such unexpected and weird guests. All in all exalted travelers got tired and decided to return home. Everyone was so excited and busy of sharing their emotions and stories about their adventures in the town, that none noticed the absence of little Zed…
After having opened his eyes, Zed couldn’t firstly understand where he ended up. But after a while, a horrible thought came into his mind – he was trapped in one of the places people create near their houses to protect themselves against lightings. He felt completely exhausted because of the hit into the ground. Understanding that if he wanted to return home, he shouldn’t waste any minute, Zed gathered the remains of his energy and started running home as fast as he could.
That was the beginning of a dangerous and adventurous journey of Zed...
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