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Willies Web
for Android

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Welcome to Willies Web- the place to come for your spider fun! This is the world wide “web” as you’ve never seen it. Guide Willie the spider with your finger- either drag around the web, or tap where you want him to go, and he’ll follow. The further away you tap, the quicker he’ll move to get there. Willie is always hungry. Feed him the green flies that get stuck in the web. But watch out- his evil sisters are lurking! One touch and they’ll knock him off the web and it’s game over. Even worse, the more Willie eats, the more he’ll burp, which attracts more of his sisters to his presence. How long can you keep it up?

What's New

- Added Achievement and Leaderboard buttons to the Game Over screen as well as the ones already on the Main Menu (when logged on to Google).
- A couple 'o bugs squashed!

* Fun, funny, addictive!
* Easy to pick up and play
* Anyone from any age can enjoy
* Polished presentation, graphics and music
* Google sign in, including Leaderboard and Achievements
* Instructions on your very first go
* Great for a quick game while you’re commuting
* 100% FREE! Very minimal ads helps keep this developer going
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