Free Internet!

[Author:] [Category: ] [published on Thursday, November 02, 2006 ]
Yes, yes, you know your 9300's got 'Wi-Fi', but if you haven't got this (or broadband) at home, or if you're often away from base, don't despair. Wi-Fi (effectively wireless Internet) is becoming more and more common and almost noone (it seems) bothers to set any kind of security on their home network. In practice this means that wherever you happen to be, if you need something large that's going to be too costly to browse or download on your GPRS tariff, simply drive around your neighbourhood, with 'Control panel | Connections | Wireless LAN | Networks' showing. In most streets you'll find several networks, just 'Create access point' for the strongest and surf or download away. And it's all free 8-)