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Sometimes typing something is faster than point and click, and this has been proven by the popularity of QuickSilver in Mac, an application that can be used to launch applications (and do some actions) quickly by typing. I always wished that I can do the same in my Nokia E61 (update: with freeware app).

For every application that I often use, I have put the shortcut in the standby screen, and for application that I use but not too often, I put them in the top level menu. The standby screen is always fast, but the menu is always very slow even with the latest firmware version. Things gets worse when I tried to open Installat. (which contains all installed applications, and all new applications that I havent decide whether to use them often or not). The Installat. folder is very slow to open.

I thought it will be very easy to write an application to do what I want: type in some program name, click, and it will be launched. So I decided write such application, and named it AppQLaunch. It wont help when the application is very slow to start (such as Nokia Maps), but it really helps me launching small applications quickly. This program is not polished (it even uses default icon), but I hope it will be useful for someone. Ideas are welcomed to improve this application.
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