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AtHome Camera is a video surveillance app that turns your unused computer, smartphone, tablet or smart TV into a video monitoring system for your home in minutes.

Using AtHome Camera, you are able to keep an eye on your home when you are outside, and receive alerts right away in case of any incident. The App has been installed on more than 4 million devices worldwide, acting as baby monitor, pet camera, nanny cameras etc.

AtHome Camera – Home Security Main Features:

Remote monitoring on the go: watch live streaming via 3G/4G or WiFi network from anywhere at anytime;
Motion detection: get emails or push notifications instantly when motion is triggered;
Scheduled recording: you can specify two time intervals each day to automatically start/stop video recording;
Two-way Talk: communicate with people and pets using the built-in mic and speaker;
Secure and private: all connections between your phone and the video streaming device are encrypted;
Pan/Tilt: remotely control your IP camera left and right or up and down to capture an entire room;
Run at startup and hide on startup: option to run the AtHome Video Streamer in background mode;
Multiple platforms: support Windows PC、Mac、iPhone、iPad、iPod, Android phone and Android tablet.
How to setup AtHome Camera

Step 1: Download the AtHome Video Streamer App from Apple App Store or Google Play and install it onto your device. A unique Connection ID (also referred to as CID) will be assigned to the device after the AtHome Video Streamer is launched at the first time;

Step 2: Download and install the AtHome Camera app onto another device which you want to use as a viewer, open the app, sign up and login;

Step 3: Select “Add by CID” or “By QR Code” to add a camera, you are all set to enjoy the live streaming!
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