Easy Dial 4 Vonage

Easy Dial 4 Vonage
for Windows Phone

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Easy Dial App is very handy to people who uses Vonage exclusively to make calls at home as well as on the GO to make domestic and international calls from their Windows Smart Phone.

Key Features:-
• Use Extensions:- Easy Dial App enables users to make calls to any contact number from Windows Mobile Phone using Vonage Extensions feature..
• Use Home Phone:- Initiates a call to any contact via existing Home Vonage Phone from Windows Phone, without a need to key-in the phone numbers on their home phone.
• Dialer:- Dialer enables user to dial phone number using either the dial pad or select a contact from Phone book or Favorites.
• Recents :- The most 25 dialed numbers will be displayed for Quick dial.
• Faves:- User can add upto 50 Favorites numbers as Faves, for Quick dial.
• People:- User can select any contact from Phone book contacts, for Quick dial.
• Manage Faves/Recents:- User can manage Faves/Recents to update or delete the Faves/Recents.
• Settings:- One time entry screen, where user's Vonage Account and Extension credentials will be validated and saved.
• More features like Clear Recents/Faves, Rate and Review, Feedback, Help and About, are also included.
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