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Everyone is familiar with the refreshing power of a short nap or siesta. A short nap has many health promoting effects, it improves your memory and alertness and doctors recommend it. Therefore it is called Power Nap!

A nap should not be too long. The sleep should be short enough and not go to "deep sleep" resulting in groggy, disoriented, and even sleepier feeling than before beginning the nap.

Power Napping is used to maximize the benefits of sleep versus time. A Power Nap has short duration to prevent a person from sleeping so long that they enter a normal sleep cycle without being able to complete it. An incomplete normal sleep cycle can result in groggy, disoriented, and even sleepier feeling than before beginning the nap. Thus, it is critical that a Power Nap is limited to the beginning of a sleep cycle, specifically to sleep stages 1 and 2. Furthermore, scientific evidence suggests that average power-nap duration of around 15-30 minutes is the most effective. HappyNap implements these functionalities by giving the alarm and stopping the sleep at optimal moment.

All user has to do is open the application and place the mobile phone on the bed or nearby before taking a nap. It is not necessary to wear any equipment for this application to work. HappyNap uses the phone's built-in microphone to monitor and analyze a user's movements and sleep patterns, and thus determines the best time to wake up from a nap. When the time is right, HappyNap will arouse the user from sleep with an alarm.
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