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Email is how you keep in touch with friends and family across the country. It's how you communicate at work and at home. Whether it's a message from your boss or your mom, email is the go-to way to communicate with those you know. Email is also how you receive your flight confirmations, your bank statements, and your shopping receipts and package tracking links.

Unfortunately, important messages are often hard to find among everything else that's crowding up your inbox today: daily deals, social notifications, special offers from your favorite stores, and the list goes on and on. Most people find themselves spending a lot more time on their email than they should.

Inky saves you time by organizing all your email accounts into one simple interface. All your messages are categorized into smart views and sorted by relevance. As soon as you sign in for the first time, Inky goes to work figuring out what each message is about and determining how meaningful it is to you. Inky's unique features help you separate the important mail from all the clutter. Inky is customizable and can sort and filter by all the usual criteria as well.

Whether you have one account or five, Inky provides a new, refreshingly simple interface to check all your mail. From one click unsubscribe to package tracking, Inky's smart tools help you get things done and get on with your life.

Inky represents a fresh take on email. Enjoy your email again.

Connect to Any Account

Inky supports both IMAP and POP servers. Many popular mail readers only support the big email providers. Inky goes further to ensure that all of your accounts can be accessed from one place.

Cloud Synched

Take your email accounts with you. Whether you buy a new computer or switch companies, installing a new Inky and connecting to your accounts is zero setup. Just enter your Inky username and password.

Easy Account Discovery

Connect to any email account hassle free with Inky's automatic discovery system.

Unified Interface

Inky was designed to be easy and intuitive so that viewing email is simple and frictionless.

Filtered Inbox

This curated view includes personal messages without Newsletters, Daily Deals, and Social Notifications. This is the ultimate powerhouse view for getting things done.


Viewing messages from personal contacts is often all that you really want to do. This view allows you to cut through the fluff and read what is really important.


Inky quarantines your newsletters in one view, so you can read them when you have time, rather than when their publishers send them. They’re there when you want them, but they’re not in your task flow.

Daily Deals

Popular deal sites send messages every day and they can stack up quickly. View them all in one place to do your shopping or to simply clean up.


Social notifications can clutter the inbox. Check your social updates separately to catch up on your friends.


Sending messages to yourself is a great way to save notes for later. Inky automatically organizes email to yourself into one view.

Package Tracking

Keeping track of shipments in your inbox can be a drag. Inky helps you by automatically organizing your package tracking messages into a single view.


Inky organizes messages with addresses into one view. This makes finding that address someone sent you three days ago really easy.
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