Kcell Filter

Kcell Filter
for Windows Phone

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Service “Call filter” allows to manage your own incoming traffic. You can both block and permit incoming calls and SMS only from the prior defined numbers.

Black and White lists are provided within the scope of the Service.

The Black list affords grounds for setting a ban to incoming calls and SMS from certain numbers.

The White list affords grounds for setting only those numbers, from which you want to receive incoming calls and SMS

Black and White lists may be defined in respect of the following communication services:

1. Incoming voice calls and SMS
2. Incoming voice calls only
3. Incoming SMS only

In case of a blocked subscriber tries to make a call to you, he/she will hear the short ring tones. Short ring tones may be changed with special operator’s prompt or with your own greeting message.
After the service is activated, the Black list automatically becomes active. After activation of the White list, the Black list is deactivated, in this case all numbers of the Black list survive. After activation of the Black list, the White list is deactivated, in this case all numbers of the White list survive.

Attention! If you activated the White list and it is empty, then the incoming voice calls and SMS will be unavailable for you.

Service cost

Subscriber fee for the service per day 10 tenge
Service connection/disconnection free
Service management free
Price is shown inclusive of VAT
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