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With LinkSwipe, you can configure different actions to be performed when you tap and swipe a link in a non browser third party application.

What's New:

- FIX: Fixed issue with defaults getting lost. Apps like Feedly and TTRSS should work better now.
- In this release:
- NEW: new action – copy link to clipboard ready to be pasted anywhere
- NEW: optional prefix and suffix text when sharing links.
- FIX: Excluded LinkSwipe from recent apps.
- OTHER: Prompt is now enabled by default.

Five possible gestures can be configured:

- Default (single tap)
- Tap and swipe left
- Tap and swipe right
- Tap and swipe up
- Tap and swipe down

For each each gesture you can configure LinkSwipe to do one of these actions:

- Launch browser (typically for your default action)
- Share link with an app
- Open a share app chooser
- Copy link to clipboard
- Cancel the link – so that no action is performed
- The free version is limited to 2 gestures: default (single tap) and Tap and swipe left. Purchase PRO for unlocking all 5 gestures.

Please note that the gesture is a tap and swipe and not just a swipe.
You can calibrate LinkSwipe using the calibration screen. Follow the instructions on this screen to calibrate the time for which LinkSwipe will wait for a swipe before going for the default action.


- 6 Configurable actions for different tap and swipe gestures
- Calibration feature to customize the delay
- Optional prompt when LinkSwipe is ready for swipe
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