Music Alarm

Music Alarm
for Windows Phone

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Wake up to your music! Music Alarm Clock allows you to use your phone as an alarm clock.

1. Choose your music
2. Set your alarm time
3. Plug in your phone
4. Display the clock just like a traditional alarm clock.

Other Features
- Snooze for 5 or 10 minutes; shake to snooze is supported.
- Dim the clock by dragging up and down on the clock page

Alarm clock will prevent your phone from going to sleep and will run if you choose to lock your phone. Music Alarm Clock must remain running for the alarm to go off. Clicking off the application and going to the home screen will deactivate the alarm. When Microsoft enables Windows Phone 7 multitasking this application will be updated to remove this restriction. Zune software cannot be connected. If Zune software is connected a backup alarm will sound and the phone will vibrate.

Please plug in your phone when using the alarm, your phones battery may drain when the screen is on for long periods of time.

Calls and texts can be received without deactivating the alarm.


This app is paid for by showing advertisements from Microsoft Advertizing pubCenter. This application shows advertisements provided by the Microsoft Advertising pubCenter. Your location may be collected automatically and used for advertisement targeting by Microsoft. The location information collected by Music Alarm Clock is subject to Microsoft’s privacy policy. This application does not use the location information collected for any other purpose except for the Microsoft Advertising component. Additionally you can choose to provide more detailed information; your birthday, gender and income, this information is shared with Microsoft to allow for better targeted advertisements and is also subject to Microsoft's privacy policy. The information you provide is used only for this purpose.

Questions/Comments: [email protected]

Music Alarm v1.6
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