Noise Sensor

Noise Sensor
for Android

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The program emulates the noise sensor on your phone. Works in a background mode, monitor the level of ambient noise. In case if exceeding a predefined level of noise, the user can be notified by SMS, email or sound. It allows to set multiple noise levels with the own notification settings. The noise can be recorded for later investigation. The program is highly configurable to the needs of the user. It can be used as

- Noise sensor in offices and other locations for security and alarming purposes;
- Control and silence maintenance in the building with a notice of excessive noise and record the noise source;
- In apartments and other locations for the control of noise of neighborhood with the record the noise source.
The main difference from another audio-noise meter applications is the configurable sound levels and program responses in excess of these levels as well as the ability to record sound in event of excess noise. This allows to use the application as a noise sensor for any purposes.

What's New:

- added Help dialog with application descriptio
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