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With the app Pocket Cheat Sheets, you will always have all your school notes and cheat sheets in your pocket!

If you want to prepare for your exams while on the bus, walking, any other way of going to school, or even at home, Pocket Cheat Sheets is an explicit and reliable choice for having everything important for studying always with you.

Features and benefits of Pocket Cheat Sheets:

1. You will find hundreds of notes from all the basic subjects at school (Math, Physics, Biology, Geography, History, Chemistry, and Modern Languages – English, German, French and Spanish).
2. All of the notes are offline (so you do not need internet access to view the notes).
3. With the “Search” function, you can simply find any note you are looking for, and you can save the notes most useful to you in your “Favorites.”
4. All users can add their own notes into the app (which actually helps us extend the application)!
Other features of the app include extending the text to full screen, sharing notes with friends via social networks and email, changing the text color, and much more.
In this app, you will find school notes. They will not look like your typical cheat sheets with listed formulas or tediously wordy articles in text books. You will find here exactly what you need for quickly learning whatever you need to learn. :-)

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