Reverse Image Search

Reverse Image Search
for Windows Phone

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Reverse Image Search powered by Google, Bing, TinEye and Yandex

Looking at something which you don’t know about? Staring at a magazine and trying to recall who the person is? Want to know what that logo is? Trying to find a higher resolution image to use as your wallpaper? Well, we have got all those answers and more right here. Search the world using images from your phone or click it with your camera. Submit images from magazines, newspapers, screenshots or the web. Look for celebrities, products, logos, animals or whatever catches your fancy. Perform a Reverse Image Search by uploading and submitting a Camera/Album image to a search engine of your choice.

- Perform Reverse Image Search using your favorite search engine – Google, Bing, TinEye or Yandex
- Upload photos from your camera or album or by URL
- Find matching pictures across the web
- Search again with found images
- Use the App as a Lens or start the camera automatically on App Launch
- Save images from the search results
- Search and find pictures the regular way using text
- Revisit earlier searches in the search history
- Crop images before searching
- Search by Image: CBIR (Content-based image retrieval)
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