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Tango is your complete mobile communication solution that finally combines all the ways you want to engage with family and friends in a single app! The highest quality video calls, phone calls, text messages, games, picture sharing and more are all available for FREE! Join the over 90M users from around the world using Tango to share their emotions with friends and family.

What's New

- Bug Fixes
- Enjoy the sleek, redesigned UI
- Share Channel posts to your News Feed
- Use QR codes to add new friends

✭ Easy to use
‣ No login & password – create an account in seconds
‣ Tango automatically finds your friends using Tango
‣ Calls and messages work just like they do on your phone
‣ Works across most smartphones, tablets, & PCs (For example, iPhones can connect with Android phones and tablets)
‣ Great quality on 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi

✭ Communicate your way, all in one app
‣ Highest quality video calls on mobile
‣ Make audio calls and push to talk
‣ Send text messages, pictures & video, audio & video messages
‣ Play fun games together during a call

✭ Fun, engaging, personal & only in Tango
‣ Personalize your calls and messages with Tango Surprises – fun animations to uniquely express yourself
‣ Challenge your friends with games duringyour calls
‣ Animations, filters, & avatars make your calls more fun
‣ Send a card through Tango to your loved ones to let them know you’re thinking about them
‣ Find all your pictures in a central photo gallery

✭ Free
‣ All video and audio calls are free and don’t use your minutes
‣ Messages are free and don’t use your text plan
‣ Free calls and messages internationally
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