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Wallet Watch
for Windows Phone

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Wallet Watch is your perfect companion in keeping track of all your finances.
"Wallet" section lets track your income, expense & savings and analyze them datewise or category wise.
"Lend Borrow" section lets you keep track of how much others owe you and how much you owe others.
"Bill Splitter" section is your quick calculation guide to "who has to pay whom and how much" to settle all your expenses and bills in a tour.
"Voucher Vault" section gives you a quick access to all your gift vouchers, shopping cards & discount vouchers.
and so much more...
So sit back, throw away all your calculators, excel sheets, and let WalletWatch keep track of all your finances.
What's new in v2.0-

General Enhancements:
1. Added currency support
2. Added 4 themes for the landing page
3. 'Pin to Start' for wallet, lend borrow, bill splitter and voucher vault
4. Refurbished User Interface

Bill Splitter
1. Revamp - Now you can associate members to an expense/bill, instead of assuming all the members are involved in the expense/bill
2. Email full details of a bill-set
3. Add a 'Me' member

1. More expense categories available
2. Now sort the expenses and incomes on data and amount
3. Category name along with category image in reports

Plus plenty of improvements and minor bug fixes
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