HERE Drive

HERE Drive
for Windows Phone

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HERE Drive offers true offline, turn-by-turn voice-guided navigation. Just download the map for your country and HERE Drive can get you there without a data connection. The new My Commute feature helps you choose the best route to the places you drive to every day, so arriving late for work will be a thing of the past. FREE in the U.S., the UK, CA, MX, FR, IT, ES, DE.

What's New
- Personalized commute assistance on your daily routes with My Commute
- Traffic view keeps you up-to-date on the current traffic flow around you
- Interactive compass including the "north up" perspective makes map orientation easier
- Upgrade your navigation license via app settings for full offline, turn-by-turn navigation in 95 countries*
- Simpler access to favorites and route settings

Key Features
- True offline, turn-by-turn voice-guided navigation in your country
- 87 free voice-guidance options with 28 options for spoken street names
- Speed limit information and audible speed limit warnings
- Sync favorite places with other HERE apps and
- Customizable route settings for fastest/shortest routes or to avoid toll roads, highways and more
- Automatic Day/Night mode
- Pin destinations to Start screen
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