Save the frog hero

Save the frog hero
for Android

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Save the Frog hero is a free arcade game for anyone who loves to play endless hero runner games with amazingly unique gameplay.

This is a simple never-ending game about a frog hero that can’t swim and would drown and die. Watch out! The lily pads sink quickly. Make your frog hero jump joyfully from one pad to another pad before it sinks or you will fall down and die. How long can you keep alive? Did you reach 10 points yet?

Watch where you jump and don’t touch the water. How high can you climb on the leaderboards? Play harder and stick to your plan to reach higher points than your friends in order to beat them in this fun but difficult endless runner game.

Become a skillful jumping frog hero and challenge your friends on social networks. Compete for points and beat your friends scores to make them jealous of your amazing frog jumping skill.

It might sound easy, but it is definitely not. This game is an endless runner fun! Unlock beautiful and colorful frogs to customize your hero.

Challenge yourself with amazingly toughest task in the world of keeping your hero alive even for one level. Don’t give up! Stick to it, enjoy the gameplay, keep jumping and eventually you will be able to sharpen your skills and get to the top of the leaderboards. Good luck, don’t die and happy jumping!

App Features :

- 12 Amazing frog heroes to unlock with your earned points!
- 19 Achievements!
- 2 Leaderboards!

Gameplay :

- Just jump all the way to the exit pad to complete a level.
- Jump in a straight line, left or right, up or down. Jump in any other directions and frog will die.
- Make frog collect bugs to eat them and earn points.
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