Snake Defender

Snake Defender
for Android

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Remember childhood game – snake? Now imagine that it turned into a RPG, with enemies and the goal to aim for. And it is now on your device.

What's New:

- fixed bug when snake takes almost all screen
- added 2 achievements for classic mode

Snake Defender – a unique implementation of the snake for Android in a completely new format. You will enjoy a long campaign in 10 missions, different types of enemies, 3 game modes (Career, classic mode, endless mode with enemies) and rpg-elements.
Because Snake Defender – a RPG-game, you can develop and improve parameters of the snake. Add new nodes to the snake, upgrade usual nodes to one of 3 specialized types – shooting node, node-factory, energy node, each of which helps you to complete the level and destroy enemies in your way.
In addition to the campaign there is familiar to most people – classic mode. Compete with your friends and improve your position in the world ranking players of Snake Defender.
Snake Defender has 3 different control methods. You can control with virtual joy pad, swipe and touch. Everyone will find the most suitable for themselves and be able to set it up.
Snake Defender is suitable for both casual players and for the hardcore gamers, for which the more complex, more interesting. The game has achievements and leaderboards to compete for fans.
Protect the solar system with the game Snake Defender.
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