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Stack Exchange is a network of 100+ question and answer communities on everything from software programming to cooking, photography, and gaming.

What's New:

Say hello to the Snowmageddon update! We have so many changes to tell you about!
- This update includes our first pass at tablet optimizations. It’s not perfect yet it’s a much nicer experience.
- We’ll no longer show you “Edit” if you can’t actually edit something.
- First pass at a Material themed redesign. Look at that top bar!
- Navigation now makes sense! Look at the back button!
- We now have all supplies needed for Hot Toddies
- SO MUCH MORE but I’m running out of charact

With this app you can:

Track all your interests in one place with the new combined feed view
Get instant notifications when you receive an answer or comment
Search for questions, or browse by tag
Ask, answer, comment and vote on questions
This is the official app for all Stack Exchange sites, including Stack Overflow, Super User, Server Fault, Ask Ubuntu and Arqade.

New to Stack Exchange? Here’s how it works:

Anybody can ask or answer a question
The best answers are voted to the top
You earn reputation points for every vote you receive
Unlock privileges as you earn reputation, like the ability to comment or vote
The community is run by you: moderators are elected, and top users have access to special tools to help moderate
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