HWIZIT Messenger: secure chat

HWIZIT Messenger: secure chat
for Android

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HWIZIT Messenger is a free messaging app that lets you connect with family and friends. It’s all-in-one communication for free text, pictures, locations, contacts, emoticons, voice to text and so much more. All you need is a phone that’s 4G(LTE)/3G/2G/Wifi enabled phone.

What's New:

- Fixed bugs previously reported.
- Improved registration procedure
- Voice to text is working again
- Now you can set your profile picture without crashes
- Same as email and status.
- MOST IMPORTANT: You need to update to this version to be able to see which people use HWIZIT Messenger.


ALWAYS AND FOREVER FREE: No monthly or yearly subscriptions fees. It’s absolutely free for life

VOICE TO TEXT MESSAGING RECOGNITION: So both your hands are tied and you still want to chat? Well no problem. Just talk and HWIZIT will do the rest. We are the only messenger that offers such a feature.

MULTIMEDIA: Send pictures

PRIVATE AND SECURE: We use triple encryption. Content is encrypted on our servers, on your devices and during transmission. So, you are protected.

REAL TIME LOCATION: Just tap into share and you can let your friends where you are.

NO INTERANTIONAL CHARGES: It’s like you and your friends are in one country.

YOU BECOME FAMILY: We are open to suggestions. When you feel there is something there is something you would want us to change, we will do our best to change it. If there is a crash, write to us and we will try to fix it. Simply, you become part of the HWIZIT family.

NO PASSWORDS, NO PINS: Say goodbye to the login logout era. With us you are always logged in.

OFFLINE MESSAGES: Even when you are not connected, HWIZIT saves your messages and deliver them to you as soon as you are available.

AND MORE: Share contacts
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