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Jango Radio is a free personalized radio that streams music 100% ad-free.Jango Radio streams personalized radio to your Android device without advertising. Start with an artist you like and Jango will create a custom station that plays music from the artist you requested as well as music from similar artists. Or, if you prefer, enjoy Jango genre-stations like Top 100 by Jango, Love Songs, Hits from the 80's and many more.Jango Radio is free and the songs are full length songs (not samples).

It is not a time-limited trial - the application is yours to use for as long as you'd like. Thanks for all the fantastic feedback! We've added a widget so you can enjoy easy access to your Jango Radio controls!

What's New

- Android Wear support:
- Share your contact details by bumping Android watches together!
- See your incoming texts on your Android Wear watch, reply directly via voice command or snooze it for later
- See and snooze birthday reminders on your watch as well.
To share your contact details via Android Wear:
- Say "Start sharing my profile", and have a friend do the same on his watch.
- Bump your watch-wearing fists
- You'll get a notification of a new contact added to your contacts

Jango Radio Features:

- Free, unlimited listening on desktop and mobile
- Create custom radio stations with the artists you love
- Tune in to 100′s of expertly curated stations in dozens of genres, from dance and country to holiday music and hits by decade
- Fine-tune your stations by adding or banning artists
- Share stations with your friends on Facebook
- Listen as much as you want at low, medium or high quality
- Save stations to listen again on your device or at www.jango.com
- Available for any device running Android 2.1 or newer
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