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By downloading PressureNet you are a citizen scientist helping make weather forecasts more accurate!

PressureNet is a network of crowdsourced weather sensors. We automatically collect atmospheric pressure measurements using barometers in new Android devices. We’re sharing this live data with scientists and researchers to improve weather forecasting. Soon we’ll provide you with a weather forecast based on everyone’s live, shared data!

- What's New:

- Weather notification improvements
- Nexus 5 fixes (Map display & GPS usage)
- Performance improvements

We’re going to make new weather models using the data that PressureNet automatically collects – these models should produce forecasts that are significantly more accurate than any other method! Since the data is collected using smartphones, we can gather way more data about the atmosphere than ever before.

Until we make forecasts, PressureNet shows you the raw data. The pressure data is displayed in graphs so that you can see both your own data as well as other regions’ graphed over time. We’ve just added animations as well, so you can watch storms moving across a region. PressureNet has been featured on BBC World Service, Wired Science, and MIT Technology Review (see below for links).

PressureNet supports all devices running Android 3.0+, though only tablets or phones with barometers will be able to contribute readings, see their pressure and use the widget.

Devices with barometers include:

- Galaxy S3, S4, S5
- Galaxy Nexus
- Galaxy Note, 2, 3
- Nexus 4, 5, 10
- Xoom
- Xiaomi MI-2, MI-3
- Droid Ultra
- Moto X
- HTC One (M8)
- and others!

Nexus 5 users: There’s a bug in Android that causes sensor failure:


- NEW: Watch your contribution statistics rise as you help science
- Widget to submit current weather conditions (for map and animations)
- Animations of current weather conditions based on your submitted data!
- Interactive Google Map showing locations and submitted barometer readings (note that locations visible on the map are slightly fudged to protect user privacy although accurate data is recorded)
- The map now includes weather graphics indicating current weather conditions, as submitted by you!
- Pressure drop/rise alerts: notifies you when your pressure starts to fall (indicating clouds/rain is coming) or rise (indicating good weather coming)
- Report the current conditions outside where you are – your data will show up on the map, in animations, and will help us validate our forecasts.
- My Data feature that shows your recent measurements graph and listing
- Export data you’ve submitted to a CSV file
- Settings to modify Auto-Submit options, change unit preferences, sharing preferences
- Widget to view your current barometer reading, submit readings, view pressure tendency
- Data cache management to see how many measurements are stored on your device.
- Sensors tab to view all atmosphere sensor data on your device (Barometer, Hygrometer, and Thermometer support)
- Search for locations to quickly view pressure trends all over the world
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